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Cliniwaste has developed its own innovative solution for clinical waste tracking and reporting called T.R.A.C.E (Track, Report, Audit, Consign, Educate).

From the palm of their hand, employees can use a rugged Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device that scans and records vital data. The PDA tracks everything from the waste source within the producer’s environment, consignment note information and detailed information on waste types and their current location and status.


Developed to simplify compliance, the system can track in real-time the status and location of clinical waste to meet safety regulations and legal requirements.

T.R.A.C.E enables the tracking of clinical waste from point of origin to the final disposal. Detailed digital logging throughout the process ensures that all waste is handled and treated in line with all regulations.

Keep your clinical waste in your sights all along its journey, ensuring constant situational awareness and complete traceability. Data logging records exactly when waste is: - Loaded onto the vehicle

- Booked into the plant
- Shredded
- Treated

A complete trace of clinical waste every step of the way

You can instantly see applicable information, so you know the status of waste and have access to completely transparent reporting. This achieves efficiencies in time and resource management and record keeping across all clinical waste management projects – regardless of size or complexity.


Your managers and relevant staff can access a real-time information portal that provides both scheduled weekly reports in a PDF format and access to all information required for reporting and auditing, such as:

- Consignment note details
- Description and details on waste streams
- Real-time status of waste
- Access to digital copies of all relevant paperwork
- Business intelligence reporting


The system is always on the go whenever you need it

A noteworthy aspect of T.R.A.C.E is that you can use it to capture and report non-conformances in real-time. It generates non-conformance reports that include all required information and associated/relevant imagery.

You can use it to help identify knowledge and procedural gaps to refine targeted training and educational steps required to solve them. T.R.A.C.E data can also help identify areas where time and cost efficiencies can be improved upon or implemented.


All data is held on secure servers with credentialed access only and is backed up to ISO 27001 standards. The T.R.A.C.E system is dynamic, adaptable and scalable – and it can be customised to your specific requirements.

And the overall benefits? This tracking and reporting system provides efficiencies to both Cliniwaste and you, as our client. And remember: it’s data in the palm of your hand. This data can be exported into various formats that will help you and make clinical waste management a seamless process for your site.

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