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A Brief History

Cliniwaste was formed from the directors’ experience operating national healthcare waste contracts and clinical waste disposal facilities.

Our management team have worked together since 1997 and have successfully operated a number of clinical waste companies manging a wide range of contracts throughout the UK since.

Using a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry, our management team now lead Cliniwaste as experts in their field. They have won multiple concurrent business awards and commendations along with assisting NHS facilities winning gold RoSPA accreditations.

Our value proposition focuses on sustainable operations and eco-friendly processes, as well as our experience within the industry.

Our leadership team combined bring over 80 years experience in the management of various types of waste, therefore gaining a strong standing within the industry and a wealth of knowledge. We pride ourselves on sustainable pricing, investing into the industry by refusing to cut costs or undervalue the market. We aim to provide transparency in our operations, maintaining full and total compliance at all times. Cliniwaste have a strong commitment to the service we provide to all our clients at every stage of the treatment of their waste. We invest in the future through education, training and innovation, and we are continuously striving to grow, achieve, expand and improve. Finally, and importantly, we invest in our people – we are committed to offering promotions from within, taking pride in our team and the impact they bring to Cliniwaste and the industry as a whole. We offer training and guidance within our organisation, and constantly offer a feeling of togetherness, teamwork and commitment to each other.


Industry Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what Cliniwaste do, and our team are passionate about pioneering a more sustainable and eco-friendly method of clinical waste management in the future. This started with colour coding clinical waste in a bid to ensure waste was segregated properly before being sent for treatment. Many industry members may not remember when anatomical waste was colour coded with green lidded containers instead of red, for example. In partnership with SERCO, we were responsible for the first use of colour coding for the segregation of NHS wastes. Along with this, we carried out training and education with Scotland’s NHS – our personnel visited hospitals and other NHS sites to educate porters, nurses and doctors on the safe handling and management of their clinical wastes. We believe full compliance and sustainability within the industry begins with educating those involved from all levels, therefore this was a huge step in the clinical waste management sector and we aim to continue this as Cliniwaste.

Our Mission

Cliniwaste want to change the mindset of economics being the driving factor for waste disposal. Sustainability, the environment and compliance are at the forefront of our minds, and working with waste producers and local government we can develop improved essential service provision for the NHS and the UK population as a whole.
Our main objectives include infrastructure development, transparency, environmental sustainability and zero waste. We also look to achieving a net-zero carbon initiative in the future, through looking into further eco-friendly operations and constantly working towards lowering our carbon output until we achieve this.



Cliniwaste founding members have won multiple concurrent business awards and commendations along with assisting NHS facilities winning gold RoSPA accreditations


W.A.S. (Scotland) Ltd.1997 - 2004

Having first started within the clinical waste industry in 1997, Cliniwaste’s senior management team were responsible for the disposal, transport and management of NHS Scotland wastes with Waste Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited. Through successfully managing these wastes and winning multiple awards in doing so, our management team introduced Waste Training, education and new clinical waste segregation methods to Scotland’s NHS*. This training pioneered the management of clinical waste within NHS trusts, and ensured compliance was maintained for the safe handling of clinical waste throughout the country. After success in doing so, WAS founders decided to move on to further challenges in 2004.

Ecowaste Group Ltd.2004 - 2012

After the sale of WAS, Ecowaste was formed to continue to provide NHS waste management solutions from our base in Bristol. Beginning with managing Bath RUH, the business went on to expansion across the country, before being sold to SRCL. After intervention from competition commission, SRCL were requested to pass this business on, eventually becoming part of Tradebe’s current infrastructure. This provided a further 8 years of extensive experience to our management team, who were quickly becoming staple figures within the clinical waste management industry and building a strong pedigree amongst them.


Cliniwaste Health Ltd. 2015 >

Cliniwaste were proudly engaged to deliver a solution for the purchase operation of Healthcare Environmental Services facilities. A combination of experience within the industry, a clean historical record with governing agencies and compliance, and strong experience in the sector assisted in this process.

After clearing each site fully, Cliniwaste now proudly operate through sites in Nottingham and Newcastle, with headquarters in Shotts. Cliniwaste are committed to investing in the UK’s clinical waste infrastructure, bringing transparency to the sector, new technologies that have a positive effect on the planet, disposal capacity and an environmental mindset into the marketplace.