Serving Hospitals in the North of England

Cliniwaste is proud of our position on the NoECPC framework, allowing us to service various clients in the North of England.

We do so in a compliant, sustainable and environmentally friendly way – we never compromise on our values and ensure we continuously provide the highest quality of service. In doing so, there are various aspects of our service we carry out with every client, regardless of size.

Pre-Acceptance Audits

To ensure we have sufficient knowledge of your waste and current practices, and to service you as our client to the best of our ability, we do conduct pre-acceptance audits.

We need to know:

· Your site or Trust’s source of waste, and its nature;

· Whether it’s hazardous, and if so;

· Potential risks such as Occupational Hazards or Environmental Hazards

These audits allow us to determine how your waste will be treated and disposed of. In healthcare settings, an enormous amount of waste is produced, and we aim to offer practical and implementable advice and services to reduce or mitigate the tonnes of wastage being sent to landfill. We strive to use alternative treatments as much as possible, and when incineration is required, we operate in compliance with UK and international thermal incineration guidelines.

We supply colour-coding bags, containers and waste bins, and tailor our waste collection service to meet client requirements.

Our pre-acceptance audit ensures we can tailor the service to your requirements properly and manage clinical waste in compliance with each of our sites’ environmental permits relating to the types and quantities of waste we can handle safely and sustainably on your behalf.

Waste segregation is a core part of sustainable and safe disposal of sharps. We offer a range of colour-coded containers to assist with proper segregation.

Duty of Care Chain

Also referred to as the “cradle to grave” chain, Cliniwaste operates with complete transparency from collection to treatment and final disposal.

We are licensed waste carriers capable of treating around 280 tonnes per day across our sites with a licensed capacity of up to 40 tonnes per hour – not only that, but we also operate our own transport fleet nationally and collect from our clients daily.

We provide hospitals in the North of England with complete end-to-end clinical waste management solutions, including the appropriate storage containers, and support with training where required.

Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) and Consignment Notes for hazardous clinical waste are issued at the point of collection and a complete audit trail is maintained to ensure you have the required waste management records for the two-year duration they need to be retained. Paper documents can be supplied, or we can provide an electronic duty of care record.

To discuss your site requirements, schedule a consultation with our WAMITAB certified clinical waste management specialists.

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