Celebrating Two Years of Cliniwaste

In a multifaceted industry such as that of waste management, there is a multitude of reputable names to work alongside. Through hard work, determination, and a passion to make a positive difference, Cliniwaste has become a well-known name amongst others.

Today, we celebrate two years of Cliniwaste – from a small team in Shotts to a nationwide team servicing clients across the UK. Looking back over the last two years, we can see how Cliniwaste began.

When approximately 600 tonnes of clinical waste was left stockpiled across three sites in Shotts, Nottingham, and Newcastle in 2019, the knowledge and experience of the waste management industry our leadership team possessed was recognised and they were called in to begin to clear this. The challenge was accepted instantly, and work was not slow to begin. Before long, all the waste had been removed and the buildings refreshed to introduce a brand-new company to the industry.

By dedicating substantial time and effort to clear our new portfolio of sites, our team grew from 4 to include plant and transport teams. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, our teams worked quickly to service the NHS at this unprecedented time. Cliniwaste was forced to grow quicker than anticipated, but with the expertise of our leadership team, we were soon able to reach clients across Scotland and England.

Cliniwaste operated from our Head Office in Shotts and our treatment and transfer sites in Nottingham and Newcastle. Whilst clinical waste was rapidly rising in the UK due to the pandemic, there was certainly no shortage of waste to be treated and our teams were working 24/7 on our autoclaves and shredders to maintain compliance and a sustainable mindset from the very beginning. Cliniwaste was working as an essential service to the UK’s NHS during the nationwide pandemic.

By the end of 2020, our own fleet of vehicles had grown and was regularly seen travelling up and down the country to reach our clients and bringing the waste to our sites to be treated. Within one year, we’d grown to become a nationwide organisation. Fast forward to mid-2021 and our team of originally 4 has grown to 184, with Finance, Sales and Marketing departments supporting the work at Head Office as well as united, dedicated plant teams at each of our sites.

Alongside our work collecting and treating clinical waste, our team have also developed in house a bespoke track-and-trace system for clinical waste named T.R.A.C.E that is used to further the transparent service we provide to our clients every day.

On this anniversary, we look back at the way in which Cliniwaste has grown rapidly and the achievements we have made along the way. From a quick decision to accept the responsibility of clearing clinical waste from three large sites on our own, to become the fastest-growing clinical waste management company in Scotland, with one of the largest ALT capacities in the UK.

We advocate every day for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and compliant waste management industry, showcasing the use of alternative treatment for clinical waste where possible and researching ways in which a circular economy can soon be achieved for the sector. Our dedication to the work we do will continue and we have clear objectives for a net-zero carbon operation, a circular economy within the clinical waste management industry and only burning what you CANNOT treat. The time for unnecessary incineration is over, and moving forward, Cliniwaste hopes that our advocation of the use of alternative treatment wherever possible will soon be met with agreement from other members of the industry.

We are looking forward to many more years of keeping compliance simple with Cliniwaste