Fundraising for Airdrie Food Bank

At Cliniwaste, we advocate strongly for healthier actions and lifestyles, as well as for local charities and the work they do for our local communities.

In recognition of No Tobacco Day 2021 on May 31st, some of the office team at Shotts decided to refrain from smoking for a full day and gather sponsors to support them in doing so. They wanted to donate their sponsored money to a local foodbank and decided upon Airdrie Foodbank.

COVID-19 impacted peoples’ lives in a multitude of ways, and many people have relied on food banks over the last year more than they ever have before.

As a result, food banks like Airdrie Foodbank have worked tirelessly to support vulnerable people and ensure local communities are provided with essential meals when in need.

We are immensely proud of the team that took part in this fundraising day and were delighted to donate the sponsored money to the food bank as a result.

We continue to be in admiration of the selfless work the people involved with food banks do each day, therefore hope that this donation can help them support our local communities going forward.

We look forward to fundraising further for charities like this in the future. Well done team, and well done for everything Airdrie Foodbank!